Koehmus: Wake

Hunting the Rose+
March 7, 2014

Meeting with Lady Vanessa’s assistant we are told to go hunt down a local base of operations for the Order of the Rose. We also met up with Nexus and Shea, ranger and paladin sent for to assist us as we have lost track of [Ryan & Joe].

The Crossroads Trading Company has began to setup a location in Valesque to base out of.

Meeting at breakfast to leave and head the ten miles south were the ruins are around the mountains. Searching for them is the order of the day. 2000 gp plus a finders fee for any additional information.

Taking the road for about five miles until we veer off towards the mountains. Another uneventful 3 miles it begins to get hilly, the cart being unimpeded. the final two miles are also uneventful.

Two ruins in the distance, one is a doorway in the hill, the other an above ground structure between two hills.

FInding a track that leads to the angled doorway a discussion is had to go check out the other ruin first.

The sight of a number of spider webs provides a possibility of up to twenty giant spiders.

The door is a gnomish city, but the gnomes went to war with a human kingdom and lost, losing the city.

the door being un trapped is easily opened to a small staircase, leading down to a long hallway. down the hall is a set of doors with containers and things, fairly empty, raided often. continuing down to the end of the hallway.

An entryway is there, places for candles, small (size of Sculco room, halved). On the door is written:

The beginning of eternity,
the end of time and space
The beginning of every end,
and last in every race.

with pinpricks on each hall. Fallord speaking the letter ‘E’ triggers the riddle, air comes through the doors, as they slide apart.

Darkness upon entering, with light lighting the area as we continue. A T intersection and turn forward down each hall. The top of the walls recede and has a glow on the top.

Another set of stone doors, has a hole in it in the left passage.

The right passage goes down 60’ with three doors on the left and one on the right at the far end.

Disabling some traps, including an alarm spell, we enter a room with several plant like dogs inside it. The ensuing battle sees the floor being covered with a layer of dirt.

Fallord summons 3 fire elementals. planting their front feet and having vines go into the dirt floor.

The ensuing battle sees all of the creatures fall in a serious thirty second battle.

Something funny is going on with these plant things and the dirt on the floor…

the dirt seems to connect the rooms together, from stones being removed.

the room at the end of the hall is a storage room that is empty.

Coming back to the group Seredrec sees the doors open behind them, loosing more of the plant dogs.

Meeting 10
Das Festival!

The scene is set in Valesque, right at the start of the great Art festival. Everyone who wanted to participate in events signed up for them, thus ending the day before the festival. The new dawn sun rises upon Valesque. The city is bustling with people from all over the continent, with shop-keepers opening up shop, couriers running errands and contestants preparing for the first day’s activities.

Day 1:
Rufus won the Archery
Neskape was eliminated second round.
Serredrek won Tightrope. Hands down.
Neskape won in running, what a cheat.
Rufus came tied in third place.
Jousting comes around, and Sir Charles took first place, after a large issue with losing in the final round, however the half-orc was disqualified because he had illegal potions on him.

Day 2:
Rufus loses in the second round of archery on the second day.
Amaru takes first in the footrace, without using her feet.
Serredrek takes first in Tightrope again. Figures.
Charles doubled his bet from the previous day, and took home first place.
The potion shops are doing well during the two days already at the festival.
And members of the group are participating in random gambling events also, and the group appears to be doing very successfully.

Day 3:
The brawl ended between Ragdar Ironeye and Sir Charles, in which Sir Charles got deservedly beat.
Serredrek took first place in horse racing, Charles took second.
Serredrek then challenged those who were willing to an additional bet for tightrope walking and *obviously beat everyone.
The one that threw everyone for a loop was when Fallord entered into the brawl when Ragdar and Charles did not. Who knew that his summoning would be legal and would just beat everyone? Crowd was kinda upset about that one..either way, he won.
The art contest was one of the last few events for the evening. Fallord entered and decided to mystify the audience with some alchemical art, which was good and all..but Sir Charles recited the purest poem anyone had ever heard ever. 10PP to Sir Charles (and still no sight of Lady V.)

After the Art contest was the Grand Weave, where many different color ribbons were danced into a beautiful tapestry. A new day awaits the group with only three days left in the Art’s festival, with many things being bought and sold, there could be something interesting on the edge..

Meeting 9

Well..SOMEONE forgot to click submit for Meeting 8.

Group developes new idea to figure out how to split party loot before next quest begins.
The group decides to be known by two names : Crossroads Trading Company, and when more subltle/“iffy” issues need taken care of, they go by The Wandering Blades.

Olivander tells the group that the mission is an escort mission to take a “celebrity” of an artist up to Valesque for the arts festival. Olivander tells us that he is quite quirky. The price is 650gp 1 way trip, it is up to Dest if he wants an escort back. The price given is for food, feed, lodging and tournament entry fee’s while at Valesque.

The group heads into the foothills to cut a day off their travels. Camp was made and the artist requested to go look at nature nearby. Ragdar and Amara escort the artist, and they make it back by nightfall. The night’s watches and Dov (the tree smart) tries to communicate to his father to do something shamanistic.
Many things happen mainly with people speaking russian..at least that’s all I can tell as Chuck is still asleep. Dov has daddy issues, that much is clear. And Dad, well, lets just say he probably wanted a son who played sports, not talked to spirits. Stupid kids stay indoor talking to walls all too much now-a-days.

The rest of the night went fairly quietly. Watch #2, one of the dogs starts barking in the night. 80ft away from the edge of the camp, Naskapi see’s a vague image of @ 8 people approaching the camp. Positions are taken, the artist is being protected by Dov, Chuck and his squire. But Dast stood up naked, drew his rapier and took a fighting stance. Battle ensues.

Captured one, interrogated. Told us of The Alluring Empress, wtf. Said there were more of his kind, sounds like a cult, not under any detectable magics / and had a garment with a rose and a single thorn stitched into it.

After arriving at Valesque, the group decides to break ways and do activities. The prisoner is taken to the local bailiff and dropped off, and Dast is dropped off at his fancy tavern where he will be staying. Group members are trying to find out about both the Alluring Empress, and the rose image the group saw. Dov and Fallord attempt to rent a spot to set up a shop to sell their wares while here.

Last things were arranged, as the group anticipates the next meeting where activities are about to take place.

Meeting 7

Olivander called the group together, notably the weird rich kid elf went missing. The new assignment was that goblins in the foothills to the west went and started attacking the clans of gnomes and humans living out there. Pizza was gotten.

On the road we meet up with Amara, a fox-lady in fox form. After some conversation, she decides to join our group on the way to deal with the goblins.

Further up the road, find a man running in some tattered clothes, hurt badly. Collapsing on the road. Healing him and waking him up, found out that his name was “John” <— very unlikely.

Promising the death of the goblins that attacked him, and the burial of his friends, the group continues on to deal with the group of the goblins that attacked John and his friends.

Preparations were made to advance towards the goblins. Initiatives were rolled.

Chuck and Dov charged on the wagon towards the group of goblins, Dov let out a majestic roar and cut the first goblin in half as he rode past. 2 goblins were taken down by Serredric from the grass with another one being shot with an arrow from Naskapi. Several more were taken down in the chaos, with minor injuries taken by our adventurers. With only two left, Naskapi critically missed his shot at a goblins foot and kills it outright, and Dov leaps and pins the last visible goblin.
The group proceeds to interrogate the last goblin to find out where the other goblins are and why they are doing what they are doing.

After an overnight rest at a gnome homestead, the group gets ready to head out towards the main goblin camp.

The group arrives at the camp to find a dwarf dressed completely in stone armor with a huge beard sticking out, named Ragdar Iron-eye. The plan from there is to just head on invade the caverns to find the goblin leader and kill it. When the group is about to enter the large cavern leading into a cliffside, many goblins come out and after a short brawl, their lines become strengthened by bug bears and goblin dogs, the group bravely continues to fight against these creatures until their numbers are reduced to zero.

The fight over the entrance comes to a close, with the group continuing on next meeting…

Meeting 6

The plans are being discussed on what to do with the roomful of ants.
Game Saved.

initiative rolls sucked.

A ghost sound was created of a dragon’s roar. This peaked the interest of the chamber of ants, causing the drones to start flying towards the entrance where the sound emminated from. Moments later, a large dragon appeared from a tunnel entrance sending the ants into a frenzy. 2 spells of Grease were cast, and vials of alchemist fire were thrown into those pits. Ants died, and drones were fighting the dragon. In the midst of all the confusion, the leader was ambushed by Seredrek and Naskapi dealing many damages. Yet again, moments later…Seredrek leashed two more shots from his slingstaff, causing the leader to collapse onto the ground. The drones are now realizing that there are other things in the chamber besides the dragon, and two drones peel off to fight Fallord and Dav (The WoodWise). Many damages were dealt.
The dragon image was dismissed and all the drones but one flee the area. The leader’s head was cut off and his armor taken. Magical node energy is being felt from below. Group is heading down a tunnel leading futher down. Because ants started reappearing taking the ants away from the battle room.

The group keeps decending by rope down a steep slope. Chuck went straight down by sliding and was able to move down at a much faster rate. Down at the end of the tunnel was an empty space. Chuck used dancing lights to illuminate the area, and eventually located the Ant Queen with these lights. An epic battle ensued with Chuck being the only one to walk away alive.

After the rest of the group finally climbed down the tunnel, they see the magical node underneath the body of the Ant Queen. After quite a bit of digging, the node is a large arch shaped stone that is about 15ft high, and will clearly not be taken out of the cave. After some discussion on what to do, the group heads out of the caves back to where the horses were staying with the halfling.

The group then heads back to Jatusol to inform Lt Olivander that the issue has been taken care of. Each received their sum of 400GP, now with some downtime, the group is wondering what else might be in store.

Meeting 5

Lt Olivander wishes the group to go down to the pyreswood to identify and fix the “bandito” problem-o.

The group decides to head down on the road leading to the Pyreswood on a wagon graciously bought by Dvenivisk the Sorc.

Travel 3 days to the edge of the forest. The current plan is to imitate a wagon passing through tricking the bandits to attack us

After this plan went into action, 4 players rode into a rock moving sound, stopped the cart, and a sinkhole enveloped the cart. An ant was seen scurrying away from the collapse, so the new plan was to go further down the road to see if over carts and holes were found. *New idea is that the ants dug these tunnels and missing caravans were the main cause.

Further along the road, another sinkhole was discovered which Seredrec Talamach and Charles go down to investigate. (1 yoke aquired) Rest of the cart is empty. Plan is to go into the woods to take care of the giant ants.

The group enters the Pyreswood. Arrive at old camp, all characters go into the hole.
Seredrec Talamach enters the chamber first. He finds a chamber that has shelves and cells with metal bars (probably iron). While working on freeing the courier in the cell, a magic presence is detected of a magical node further below us.

Followed trail, Sam fell. Epic-like. Found halfling. Fucking Jack put on the fucking ring of fucking undying everlatsting fucking love with fucking lady fucking vanessa fucking vasari.. What a fucking douche..who puts on rings before knowing what they do. Fucking Jack, thats who. Douch. Group is now going to check out the cavern.

Jack sees something bad. Find giant cavern of ants, 5 learder ants with upwards of 100 army ants with armor. Ready to battle next week.

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