Koehmus: Wake

Hunting the Rose+

March 7, 2014

Meeting with Lady Vanessa’s assistant we are told to go hunt down a local base of operations for the Order of the Rose. We also met up with Nexus and Shea, ranger and paladin sent for to assist us as we have lost track of [Ryan & Joe].

The Crossroads Trading Company has began to setup a location in Valesque to base out of.

Meeting at breakfast to leave and head the ten miles south were the ruins are around the mountains. Searching for them is the order of the day. 2000 gp plus a finders fee for any additional information.

Taking the road for about five miles until we veer off towards the mountains. Another uneventful 3 miles it begins to get hilly, the cart being unimpeded. the final two miles are also uneventful.

Two ruins in the distance, one is a doorway in the hill, the other an above ground structure between two hills.

FInding a track that leads to the angled doorway a discussion is had to go check out the other ruin first.

The sight of a number of spider webs provides a possibility of up to twenty giant spiders.

The door is a gnomish city, but the gnomes went to war with a human kingdom and lost, losing the city.

the door being un trapped is easily opened to a small staircase, leading down to a long hallway. down the hall is a set of doors with containers and things, fairly empty, raided often. continuing down to the end of the hallway.

An entryway is there, places for candles, small (size of Sculco room, halved). On the door is written:

The beginning of eternity,
the end of time and space
The beginning of every end,
and last in every race.

with pinpricks on each hall. Fallord speaking the letter ‘E’ triggers the riddle, air comes through the doors, as they slide apart.

Darkness upon entering, with light lighting the area as we continue. A T intersection and turn forward down each hall. The top of the walls recede and has a glow on the top.

Another set of stone doors, has a hole in it in the left passage.

The right passage goes down 60’ with three doors on the left and one on the right at the far end.

Disabling some traps, including an alarm spell, we enter a room with several plant like dogs inside it. The ensuing battle sees the floor being covered with a layer of dirt.

Fallord summons 3 fire elementals. planting their front feet and having vines go into the dirt floor.

The ensuing battle sees all of the creatures fall in a serious thirty second battle.

Something funny is going on with these plant things and the dirt on the floor…

the dirt seems to connect the rooms together, from stones being removed.

the room at the end of the hall is a storage room that is empty.

Coming back to the group Seredrec sees the doors open behind them, loosing more of the plant dogs.



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