Koehmus: Wake

Meeting 10

Das Festival!

The scene is set in Valesque, right at the start of the great Art festival. Everyone who wanted to participate in events signed up for them, thus ending the day before the festival. The new dawn sun rises upon Valesque. The city is bustling with people from all over the continent, with shop-keepers opening up shop, couriers running errands and contestants preparing for the first day’s activities.

Day 1:
Rufus won the Archery
Neskape was eliminated second round.
Serredrek won Tightrope. Hands down.
Neskape won in running, what a cheat.
Rufus came tied in third place.
Jousting comes around, and Sir Charles took first place, after a large issue with losing in the final round, however the half-orc was disqualified because he had illegal potions on him.

Day 2:
Rufus loses in the second round of archery on the second day.
Amaru takes first in the footrace, without using her feet.
Serredrek takes first in Tightrope again. Figures.
Charles doubled his bet from the previous day, and took home first place.
The potion shops are doing well during the two days already at the festival.
And members of the group are participating in random gambling events also, and the group appears to be doing very successfully.

Day 3:
The brawl ended between Ragdar Ironeye and Sir Charles, in which Sir Charles got deservedly beat.
Serredrek took first place in horse racing, Charles took second.
Serredrek then challenged those who were willing to an additional bet for tightrope walking and *obviously beat everyone.
The one that threw everyone for a loop was when Fallord entered into the brawl when Ragdar and Charles did not. Who knew that his summoning would be legal and would just beat everyone? Crowd was kinda upset about that one..either way, he won.
The art contest was one of the last few events for the evening. Fallord entered and decided to mystify the audience with some alchemical art, which was good and all..but Sir Charles recited the purest poem anyone had ever heard ever. 10PP to Sir Charles (and still no sight of Lady V.)

After the Art contest was the Grand Weave, where many different color ribbons were danced into a beautiful tapestry. A new day awaits the group with only three days left in the Art’s festival, with many things being bought and sold, there could be something interesting on the edge..



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