Koehmus: Wake

Meeting 6

The plans are being discussed on what to do with the roomful of ants.
Game Saved.

initiative rolls sucked.

A ghost sound was created of a dragon’s roar. This peaked the interest of the chamber of ants, causing the drones to start flying towards the entrance where the sound emminated from. Moments later, a large dragon appeared from a tunnel entrance sending the ants into a frenzy. 2 spells of Grease were cast, and vials of alchemist fire were thrown into those pits. Ants died, and drones were fighting the dragon. In the midst of all the confusion, the leader was ambushed by Seredrek and Naskapi dealing many damages. Yet again, moments later…Seredrek leashed two more shots from his slingstaff, causing the leader to collapse onto the ground. The drones are now realizing that there are other things in the chamber besides the dragon, and two drones peel off to fight Fallord and Dav (The WoodWise). Many damages were dealt.
The dragon image was dismissed and all the drones but one flee the area. The leader’s head was cut off and his armor taken. Magical node energy is being felt from below. Group is heading down a tunnel leading futher down. Because ants started reappearing taking the ants away from the battle room.

The group keeps decending by rope down a steep slope. Chuck went straight down by sliding and was able to move down at a much faster rate. Down at the end of the tunnel was an empty space. Chuck used dancing lights to illuminate the area, and eventually located the Ant Queen with these lights. An epic battle ensued with Chuck being the only one to walk away alive.

After the rest of the group finally climbed down the tunnel, they see the magical node underneath the body of the Ant Queen. After quite a bit of digging, the node is a large arch shaped stone that is about 15ft high, and will clearly not be taken out of the cave. After some discussion on what to do, the group heads out of the caves back to where the horses were staying with the halfling.

The group then heads back to Jatusol to inform Lt Olivander that the issue has been taken care of. Each received their sum of 400GP, now with some downtime, the group is wondering what else might be in store.



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