Koehmus: Wake

Meeting 7

Olivander called the group together, notably the weird rich kid elf went missing. The new assignment was that goblins in the foothills to the west went and started attacking the clans of gnomes and humans living out there. Pizza was gotten.

On the road we meet up with Amara, a fox-lady in fox form. After some conversation, she decides to join our group on the way to deal with the goblins.

Further up the road, find a man running in some tattered clothes, hurt badly. Collapsing on the road. Healing him and waking him up, found out that his name was “John” <— very unlikely.

Promising the death of the goblins that attacked him, and the burial of his friends, the group continues on to deal with the group of the goblins that attacked John and his friends.

Preparations were made to advance towards the goblins. Initiatives were rolled.

Chuck and Dov charged on the wagon towards the group of goblins, Dov let out a majestic roar and cut the first goblin in half as he rode past. 2 goblins were taken down by Serredric from the grass with another one being shot with an arrow from Naskapi. Several more were taken down in the chaos, with minor injuries taken by our adventurers. With only two left, Naskapi critically missed his shot at a goblins foot and kills it outright, and Dov leaps and pins the last visible goblin.
The group proceeds to interrogate the last goblin to find out where the other goblins are and why they are doing what they are doing.

After an overnight rest at a gnome homestead, the group gets ready to head out towards the main goblin camp.

The group arrives at the camp to find a dwarf dressed completely in stone armor with a huge beard sticking out, named Ragdar Iron-eye. The plan from there is to just head on invade the caverns to find the goblin leader and kill it. When the group is about to enter the large cavern leading into a cliffside, many goblins come out and after a short brawl, their lines become strengthened by bug bears and goblin dogs, the group bravely continues to fight against these creatures until their numbers are reduced to zero.

The fight over the entrance comes to a close, with the group continuing on next meeting…



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