Koehmus: Wake

Meeting 5


Lt Olivander wishes the group to go down to the pyreswood to identify and fix the “bandito” problem-o.

The group decides to head down on the road leading to the Pyreswood on a wagon graciously bought by Dvenivisk the Sorc.

Travel 3 days to the edge of the forest. The current plan is to imitate a wagon passing through tricking the bandits to attack us

After this plan went into action, 4 players rode into a rock moving sound, stopped the cart, and a sinkhole enveloped the cart. An ant was seen scurrying away from the collapse, so the new plan was to go further down the road to see if over carts and holes were found. *New idea is that the ants dug these tunnels and missing caravans were the main cause.

Further along the road, another sinkhole was discovered which Seredrec Talamach and Charles go down to investigate. (1 yoke aquired) Rest of the cart is empty. Plan is to go into the woods to take care of the giant ants.

The group enters the Pyreswood. Arrive at old camp, all characters go into the hole.
Seredrec Talamach enters the chamber first. He finds a chamber that has shelves and cells with metal bars (probably iron). While working on freeing the courier in the cell, a magic presence is detected of a magical node further below us.

Followed trail, Sam fell. Epic-like. Found halfling. Fucking Jack put on the fucking ring of fucking undying everlatsting fucking love with fucking lady fucking vanessa fucking vasari.. What a fucking douche..who puts on rings before knowing what they do. Fucking Jack, thats who. Douch. Group is now going to check out the cavern.

Jack sees something bad. Find giant cavern of ants, 5 learder ants with upwards of 100 army ants with armor. Ready to battle next week.


**Lady Vanessa Lissari

Meeting 5

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