Koehmus: Wake

Meeting 9

Well..SOMEONE forgot to click submit for Meeting 8.

Group developes new idea to figure out how to split party loot before next quest begins.
The group decides to be known by two names : Crossroads Trading Company, and when more subltle/“iffy” issues need taken care of, they go by The Wandering Blades.

Olivander tells the group that the mission is an escort mission to take a “celebrity” of an artist up to Valesque for the arts festival. Olivander tells us that he is quite quirky. The price is 650gp 1 way trip, it is up to Dest if he wants an escort back. The price given is for food, feed, lodging and tournament entry fee’s while at Valesque.

The group heads into the foothills to cut a day off their travels. Camp was made and the artist requested to go look at nature nearby. Ragdar and Amara escort the artist, and they make it back by nightfall. The night’s watches and Dov (the tree smart) tries to communicate to his father to do something shamanistic.
Many things happen mainly with people speaking russian..at least that’s all I can tell as Chuck is still asleep. Dov has daddy issues, that much is clear. And Dad, well, lets just say he probably wanted a son who played sports, not talked to spirits. Stupid kids stay indoor talking to walls all too much now-a-days.

The rest of the night went fairly quietly. Watch #2, one of the dogs starts barking in the night. 80ft away from the edge of the camp, Naskapi see’s a vague image of @ 8 people approaching the camp. Positions are taken, the artist is being protected by Dov, Chuck and his squire. But Dast stood up naked, drew his rapier and took a fighting stance. Battle ensues.

Captured one, interrogated. Told us of The Alluring Empress, wtf. Said there were more of his kind, sounds like a cult, not under any detectable magics / and had a garment with a rose and a single thorn stitched into it.

After arriving at Valesque, the group decides to break ways and do activities. The prisoner is taken to the local bailiff and dropped off, and Dast is dropped off at his fancy tavern where he will be staying. Group members are trying to find out about both the Alluring Empress, and the rose image the group saw. Dov and Fallord attempt to rent a spot to set up a shop to sell their wares while here.

Last things were arranged, as the group anticipates the next meeting where activities are about to take place.



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